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Too late, it's out there now....

So I did it, after many, many years, I have managed to get a book that I have written published and available for people to read. That now appears to have been the easy part.

Thanks to my wife and her social media savvy and connections, the initial launch seems to have been far more successful than I ever imagined possible. Lots of friends, ex-colleagues and people I have never met have very kindly purchased a copy, with many taking it away with them to pass some time by the pool on holiday.

It is at this point that I now realise that other people are going to read what I have written and my stomach gets tied up in knots. I know this begs the question, "What did you expect to happen when you published a book?", but I didn't really think that far ahead. All I wanted to do was get my book published and be able to say I had done it, ticked that one off of the bucket list.

Well, this is written whilst I await the first reviews to appear online. All I can hope is that they will be good - I know my friends well enough to know they will be honest.

I may hold off on the second novel until I find out how the first one's received. Drink is always an option!

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