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Where are we now?

Well, having decided to self publish my novel, an approach taken by many prospective authors, I now have an agreed cover design and have just signed off the formatting. I have stepped into the world of social media and am 'trying' to engage with other authors going through a similar process as well as independent bookshops. The joys of trying to market my book on it's publishing release are still to come and, to be honest, fill me with a certain amount of dread as I have no idea of how to accomplish this major feat.

I always said the main ambition for me was to simply hold a printed copy of a book that I had written in my own hands and be able to say, "Yes, I did it." The problem is, that now I can see the end of the process in sight, I find myself wanting it to be a success, no matter how small, and for at least a few people to read it.

Having watched crime dramas on television and film and read countless crime novels, I have always felt that it is amazing how it seems to be a single DCI working on their own who solves the case and gains the plaudits. When you have been involved in investigating major crime and murders for many years, you know that the reality is that it is a team effort from the lead investigator down to the Dc working as the officer in the case and prepping the file for court. The process of an investigation is long and hard and one I will cover in a future blog. With my novel, I wanted to create a lead character who was based on real people I have known and been privileged to work with as well as some of the supporting characters.

The picture below, sent to me by my brother, seems to sum things up as to where I am on my publishing journey. It is a vast and uncertain world in front of me and there will, undoubtedly, be a few dark clouds to try to find a silver lining in. But, somewhere in the distance on the far horizon is my published book in the hands of an avid reader.


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